Global Learning: Transforming education through Global Learning

With a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry, Milad is an experienced Managing Director. Skilled in Educational Technology, Negotiation, Learning Management etc, Milad is a strong business development professional with a Doctor of Engineering focused in Systems Engineering and AI from Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan. In an interview he speaks on a slew of topics. Excerpts from the interview:

Conception of Global Learning

Global Learning is committed to lifelong and advanced education that began over two decades ago, and since then, the team have been dedicated to advancing the models of teaching and learning. “Our journey commenced with implementing blended learning models at the American University in Dubai, and the establishment of an online university in Damascus. Subsequently, we undertook substantial projects in the Middle East, revolutionizing traditional teaching methods in major universities by introducing blended and smart learning. This innovative approach aims to enhance the educational experience for both educators and students.”

Global Learning FZCO

Global Learning specializes in education technology, and it boasts of a team of experts hailing from diverse corners of the globe. “Our collaborative team is dedicated to assisting educational institutes and organizations in refining their education systems. By leveraging our collective expertise, we empower institutions to tailor their educational offerings to meet the evolving demands of the market in the upcoming decades. Our focus is on fostering innovation and adaptability to ensure that education remains a dynamic and relevant force in an ever-changing world” says Milad.

The company believes in offering competency-based curriculum and an innovative pedagogical approach. It also offers blended learning and reengineering of the learning process using advanced educational technology and artificial intelligence.

Leadership traits

The key leadership traits driving both personal and organizational success in our context include visionary thinking, having a global perspective, collaborative leadership, adaptability, being innovative, fostering a strategic execution perspective, being empathetic and communicative and working on a results-driven approach. “At the core of our leadership philosophy lie adaptability, innovation, and strategic execution. We place a strong emphasis on research, empathy and effective communication, prioritizing measurable outcomes and continuous improvement. This strategic approach ensures that our initiatives consistently meet market needs, propelling both personal and organizational success by remaining at the forefront of educational advancements and technology” adds Milad.

Technology startups watch out for:

 This technology professional believes that tech startups should be mindful of several key factors including market dynamics, agile adaptation, talent acquisition and retention, cybersecurity, financial management, and staying up-to-date with the latest relevant international research and innovative best practices, with local and regional perspectives, etc. “By navigating these considerations thoughtfully, technology startups can enhance their chances of sustained success in the competitive and dynamic landscape.”

Success Mantras

Embrace Change, adopt continuous learning, being resilient with challenges, effective communication, having a strategic vision, and generate novel concepts at the global level, etc are few of the success mantras that dictate the success of any business.

Company’s technological advancements – A success story

One particularly rewarding project that exemplifies the positive impact of our company’s technological advancements is the transformation of the eight schools we manage in Lebanon. Shifting from conventional teaching methods to a more technologically advanced approach has yielded remarkable results. “We initiated a comprehensive plan to integrate cutting-edge technology into every aspect of the education system across these schools. This involved introducing interactive technology in classrooms, implementing e-learning platforms, and providing students and teachers with access to digital resources. Additionally, we facilitated teacher training programs to ensure they were proficient at utilizing these technological tools effectively to adopt modern digital pedagogy.”

Global Learning – The way ahead

The Future Geniuses project with Dallah Al Barakah in Saudi Arabia is a transformative initiative by Global Learning. “This project uniquely assesses bachelor’s students, identifying their exceptional talents and aptitudes to qualify for full scholarships for advanced studies. The goal is to prepare these future geniuses to pursue master’s degrees in the world’s top universities, equipping them with the skills essential for Saudi Arabia’s vision in 2030, and provide them with continuous support until the graduate and come back home to participate in the major economic and digital transformation.” The Future Geniuses project is strategically designed to align with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

Schools remain the focus: Adds Milad that the company is looking to prepare a better generation of learners, entrepreneurs, and researchers, and work with universities to prepare graduates who are market-ready and lifelong learners, equipped with applied skills in their fields, including offering a lifelong learning program. “In addition, we implement robust and flexible learning initiatives that provide flexible and modern upskilling and reskilling services to the existing workforce in the marketplace, and to the unemployed.”

Top-Notch University Partnerships: The collaboration with the world’s top universities underscores the company’s commitment to providing students with access to the best educational opportunities, ensuring they receive a world-class education, signs off Milad.

Company: Global Learning International FZ-LLC


Management:  Milad Sebaaly, CEO

Founded Year: 2010

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE

Description: An consulting firm specialized in developing and implementing innovative educational projects and models by utilizing and integrating the latest technologies.