The field of biotechnology extensively discovers application in a myriad of industries such as agriculture, downstream chemical processing, and bio-services. Depending on these applications and tools, it at times overlays with related fields such as molecular engineering, bio-manufacturing, biomedical engineering, and bioengineering. Biotechnology also is the ideal remedy for curing certain diseases and the right solution for creating certain types of drugs: biological molecules are sometimes the only solution when drugs cannot be manufactured synthetically. Today, the growing demand for new technologies such as tissue engineering, fermentation, recombinant technology, and DNA sequencing is expected to magnify the size of the biotechnology industry. With the advanced technologies, it is vital to consider the experts in the industry on how they embrace and implement technology innovations. In this edition of TechCEOs, we are bringing to you the Top 25 Biotech CEOs of 2020. The key objective is to help you gain insight on transformation of biotech and enhance the quality of your products and services. The issue gives a myriad of experiential learning from C-level executives and experts in the biotechnology industry. Presenting to you the Top 25 Biotech CEOs of 2020.

Serge Saxonov

CEO, 10X Genomics

Robert A. Bradway

CEO, Amgen

Sergey Musienko

CEO, Atlas Biomed

Abraham Heifets,

Co-Founder & CEO, Atomwise

Amy Ronneberg

CEO, Be The Match BioTherapies

John Evans

CEO, Beam Therapeutics

Soheil Shams

CEO, Biodiscovery

Khatija Ali

Founder & CEO, BioSapien

Othman Laraki

CEO, Color Genomics

Brendan Frey

CEO, Deep Genomics

Richard Daly

CEO, DNAnexus

Gabe Otte

CEO, Freenome

Mike Klein

CEO, Genomenon

Francis deSouza

CEO, Illumina

Maria Chatzou Dunford

CEO, Lifebit

Stephane Bancel

CEO, Moderna

Dmitriy Shtokalo

CEO, Novel Software Systems

Henry J Legere

CEO, Reliant Immune Diagnostics

William Moss

CEO, Seven Bridges Genomics

Paul Dabrowski

CEO, Synthego

Eric Lefkofsky

CEO, Tempus Labs, Inc.

Andrew Radin

CEO & Co-Founder, twoXAR

Peter Gassner

CEO, Veeva Systems

Alice Zhang

CEO, Verge Genomics

Jo Varshney

CEO, VeriSIM Life