A Dream to Democratize Healthcare

Inspiration can come from any direction. But how do you take any new concept and transform it into a reality? Dr. Henry J Legere IIIsays it is his curiosity, entrepreneurship, and his sense of fairness that stirred him to begin his success journey of designing a complete consumer-driven health platform that can provide testing, diagnosing, and monitoring solutions. Being an expert in both science and healthcare, Legere received his MD from Columbia in NYC, completed an immunology fellowship at Harvard/ Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and had clinical appointments at BWH and MIT Medical.

Living under the ethos of “if you don’t try, you will never know,” Legere was never satisfied with the healthcare provided to every person and the limited access available to large cross-sections of the population. “You would be blind if you didn’t notice the medical social economics disparities, not just globally but in our communities,” says Legere. His company, Reliant Immune Diagnostics began with an aim to democratize healthcare. Their MDBox telehealth app provides greater access to healthcare at a more affordable price utilizing technologies that are used every day. The power of AI 

AI is now reinventing modern healthcare in diagnosing and treating patients more quickly. Reliant ID incorporates AI in its MDBox app to read diagnostic tests. “The power of AI is incredible, and we’re just starting to see it being used in drug discovery,” notes Legere.

During his research, Legere found that even though the human genome was sequenced almost 20 years ago, there are adults and children suffering from ancient ailments like allergies, cancer, and cystic fibrosis. “If you do a simple PubMed search, there are over 50,000 papers on cystic fibrosis from thousands of different authors from around the world. However, with the power of technology and AI, we can now come together in a new public-private collaboration.” Currently, Reliant ID has many partnerships with companies and institutions focused on many medical issues. “We combine our powers differently to provide the best healthcare available.” Making dreams to realities  

Holding fast to his dreams, Legere believes the price of success is courage, determination, and hard work. He began thinking of the MDBox app over 15 years ago, but there was no technology for it in the early 2000s. With the advent of smartphones, his dream to democratize healthcare become a reality. A patient and a company success story

“One of our investors was very skeptical of telemedicine. While he was in town visiting his grandkids, he wanted to come to our office to do a demonstration. But he called and said he couldn’t make it because he thinks that his grandchild had given him a pink eye. And I said, ‘you know, that’s one of the things that we can take care of.’ So, he ended up downloading the app, and within a few minutes, he was given a prescription that he was able to go pick up at the pharmacy near him. Later that day, he wired funds in and invested in our company. It turned to be a patient as well as a company success story.”

From being a dreamer to a high achiever, Legere and his team are now confident to find out how they can immediately impact healthcare and strategize how they can expand health and wellness reach in the near-term future.

Company: Reliant Immune Diagnostics

Website: www.reliantid.com

Management: CEO

Founded Year: 2014

Headquarters: Henry J

Description: A complete consumer-driven health telemedicine platform that provides testing, diagnosis, and monitoring solutions.