Settler: Re-inventing the construction industry in the UAE

Timur is the co-founder of Settler, an online platform providing one-stop solutions for interior design and renovation/ construction in the real estate industry. With the help of cutting-edge technology, Settler helps clients connect with the right vendors – from construction to interior design, from procurement to cumbersome approval process.

Conception of Settler: Settler was conceived to address several key challenges in the interior renovation industry including remote renovation, quality assurance, sustainability and helping clients obtain complex approval processes etc. “We aimed to provide a platform that addresses these needs, making interior renovation easier, more efficient, and sustainable” said Timur.

Settler solution:

Settler is an AI-powered prop-tech platform revolutionizing interior renovation. It seamlessly connects clients, designers, and contractors, offering remote project management through Artificial Intelligence. “Clients can monitor progress, forecast timelines, and engage remotely, ensuring transparency and efficient decision-making.” Settler fosters collaboration integrating sustainability via its Impact Initiative and plans to expand beyond UAE. With a focus on client satisfaction, Settler reshapes renovation into a streamlined, eco-conscious, and technology-enhanced experience, adds Timur.

Leadership traits

“At Settler, our leadership thrives on some key qualities that not only drive our success but also create a positive, dynamic work environment that include innovation, adaptability, transparency, customer-centric etc.” At Settler, our leadership philosophy is built on several guiding principles that have played a critical role in our company’s success. First and foremost, we value innovation.” The team believes that by encouraging innovative thinking and embracing the latest technologies, it can continuously improve their services and stay at the forefront of the industry. “Additionally, our client-centric approach is central to our leadership philosophy. We firmly believe that our clients are the heart of our business, and their satisfaction is our ultimate goal. This client-focused mindset has not only led to high levels of customer satisfaction but has also resulted in repeat business and positive referrals.”

Driven by the zeal to create innovative solutions that can make a difference in the lives of their clients, designers, and contractors, Timur maintains that this has been a journey that constantly challenges him to learn, adapt, and lead a team that shares the same vision of revolutionizing the renovation industry through technology.

Continuous learning and personal development

“Leaders can overcome the fear of failure in business through several strategies. Firstly, embracing a growth mindset is crucial, seeing failures as opportunities for learning and improvement. Risk management, continuous learning, and resilience are also key. Building a strong network, celebrating successes, and staying focused on the mission can all help mitigate the fear of failure.”

Word of advice for technology startups

Timur believes that while market validation is essential, startups should ensure there is a genuine demand for their product or service through thorough research and customer feedback

The success mantras

“A client-centric approach is paramount. Placing the client at the heart of the business, understanding their needs, and consistently exceeding their expectations have been crucial.”

 Positive impact of the company’s technological advancements

“Certainly, one particularly rewarding moment that showcases the positive impact of Settler’s technological advancements was when we successfully completed a complex renovation project for a client who was travelling in Europe but needed to renovate their property in Dubai” adds Taimur. He says that the client approached them with a common problem in the renovation industry – the challenges of remote renovation. “They wanted to renovate their property remotely while being thousands of miles away. Our technology allowed us to bridge this gap seamlessly.”

Company: SETTLER


Management: Timur Valitov, CEO

Founded Year: 2022

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE

Description: An online platform where you can easily control and manage the process from interior design to construction.

KPIs measuring success of technological initiatives:

Internally, success is measured through:

  • Efficiency Gains: Tracking time saved on routine tasks.
  • Employee Feedback: Ensuring our team finds our tech tools beneficial.
  • Technology Adoption: High utilization rates within our team.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced operational expenses.

Externally, success is reflected in:

  • Client Satisfaction: Maintaining high client satisfaction levels.
  • Project Success: On-time project completion and quality.
  • Cost Efficiency: Lower cost per lead and cost of client acquisition.
  • Client Engagement: Increased app usage and interaction.
  • Retention Rates: A high rate of repeat business and referrals.

Taimur is confident that Settler will soon create a niche in the construction/ renovation industry and the coming years will stand testimony to that.