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Technology CEO’s

Global Learning: Transforming education through Global Learning

Milad Sebaaly, CEO, Global Learning International FZ-LLC

With a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry, Milad is an experienced Managing Director. Skilled in Educational Technology, Negotiation, Learning Management etc, Milad is a strong business development professional with a Doctor of Engineering focused in Systems Engineering and AI from Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan. In an interview he speaks on a slew of topics. Excerpts from the interview: Conception of Global Learning: Global Learning is committed to lifelong and advanced education that began over two decades ago, and since then, the team have been dedicated to advancing the models of teaching and learning.

SassyOS Technologies: Enhancing productivity through smart technology solutions

Kashif Iqbal, CEO, SassyOS Technologies

SassyOS is a platform of consultancy for Artificial Intelligence & Smart Technology solutions like Asana, Data core and Artica in MiddleEast. Kashif is at the helm of affairs at SassyOS Technologies. Listen to him speak on an array of topics in this interview:

Conception of SassyOS: The genesis of SassyOS stemmed from a distinct thought: a glaring disparity existing within numerous organizations between management and employee.

Settler: Re-inventing the construction industry in the UAE

Timur Valitov, CEO, SETTLER

Timur is the co-founder of Settler, an online platform providing one-stop solutions for interior design and renovation/ construction in the real estate industry. With the help of cutting-edge technology, Settler helps clients connect with the right vendors – from construction to interior design, from procurement to cumbersome approval process. Conception of Settler: Settler was conceived to address several key challenges in the interior renovation industry including remote renovation, quality assurance, sustainability and helping clients obtain complex approval processes etc.

SKAD IT Solutions: Providing end-to-end IT solutions globally

J Daks CEO, SKAD IT Solutions

J Daks is the Director and Founder of SKAD IT Solutions, a provider of IT Solutions specializing in web development and design services. As a serial entrepreneur, Daks has been a staunch believer of offering value-added services with the goal of every client’s success. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

SKAD IT Solutions- The Story Behind: SKAD IT solutions is a leading technology company that specializes in providing innovative solutions to business of all sizes.

Someli AI: Crafting relevant social media stories

Rajiv Shah, CEO, Someli Marketing and Technology Ltd

Rajiv Shah is the CEO, Middle East, for Someli, a platform that is helping individuals and small businesses with their social media automation through AI. Someli, stands for Social Media Library. Someli runs off a poweful ai engine whose goal is to help its customers build their own library of social media posts and videos for various industries and automate publishing across various social channels. Rajiv says that the platform carefully curates strategy of content needed to engage, educate, and inform social audiences on numerous topics within their specific industry. Excerpts from an interview:

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