Welcome to the TechCEOs Middle East Magazine’s definitive ranking of the Top 20 Technology CEOs in the United Arab Emirates for the year 2024. In a region renowned for its rapid technological advancements and burgeoning innovation ecosystem, identifying and celebrating the leaders driving these transformations is paramount. This exclusive list recognizes the visionaries, innovators, and strategists who have not only steered their companies towards success but have also significantly contributed to shaping the technological landscape of the UAE and beyond. The United Arab Emirates stands at the forefront of technological innovation in the Middle East, serving as a hub for cutting-edge developments across various sectors, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, fintech, and beyond. In this dynamic environment, the role of visionary leadership cannot be overstated. The CEOs featured in this ranking exemplify excellence in leadership, demonstrating exceptional acumen, foresight, and adaptability in navigating the complexities of the modern business landscape. Through their unwavering commitment to innovation, these leaders have propelled their companies to new heights of success, driving growth, fostering disruption, and making significant contributions to the advancement of technology-driven solutions. From established industry giants to disruptive startups, the Top 20 Technology CEOs in the UAE represent a diverse array of backgrounds, industries, and expertise, united by their shared dedication to driving positive change through technology. As we unveil the Top 20 Technology CEOs in the UAE for 2024, we invite you to explore the remarkable achievements, strategic insights, and innovative initiatives that define these visionary leaders. Join us in celebrating their contributions to the advancement of technology and the transformation of the UAE into a global powerhouse of innovation.

Aliriza Abdul Gafoor

CEO, Aliriza Group

Talal Bayaa

CEO, Bayzat

Rabeeh Abla

CEO, CSP Solutions

Hamad Al Marar


Vijayan Karipody

MD, EMTECH Computer

Hatem Dowidar

Group CEO, Etisalat Digital

Jihad Tayara


Amr Yussif

CEO, FinFlx

Milad Sebaaly

CEO, Global Learning International

Pavel Orlov

Co-founder & CEO, Innowise Group

Amjad Abbas


Ashraf Mufareh

CEO, Onpassive

Kashif Iqbal

CEO, SassyOS Technologies

Timur Valitov


J Daks

CEO, SKAD IT Solutions

Rajiv Shah

CEO, Someli Marketing & Technology

Salman Yusuf


Asadullah Khan

CEO, Trango Tech

Ahmed Hamdan

CEO & Co-founder, Unifonic

Dena Almansoori

Founder & CEO, WhiteBox HR